What a Girl Wants

A random funny post.

A girl wants a man. A wealthy man, a successful men, a famous man, an interesting man, a macho, a talented man, a loving man, a man she loves, a father for her children, a friend, a sex-machine – details may differ, but the main point stays the same. She wants a man. Some females want just money or a career, but if she denies her willingness to meet a real man – she lies. Moreover, girl’s demands to what she calls a good man vary as she gets older.

A girl of 22 wants a prince on a white horse. A girl may claim she’s realistic and doesn’t look on the world through the pink glasses, but she’ll never confess dreaming of an ideal man. He’s got to be handsome, charming, popular. He’s got to be rich – probably not so rich, but always in funds. Of course, he’s got to be generous to spend money on her. He’s got to be smart, brilliantly smart- to some girls it’s even more important than being very handsome, but of course his mind is never more important than his purse. He’s got to have a great sense of humor, to be athletic, stylish, romantic and a good listener, tender lover and… well, the list of his qualities can be prolonged on and on. A girl wants a man to adore her and to make her the goddess with flowers, gifts and promises of eternal love laid at her feet.

A girl of 32 wants just a good man. She has finally taken off those pink glasses and got rid of romantic fantasies. So her good man mustn’t be a hero – he is good-looking, has good manners, a well-paid job, a good car, a good house, and a good sum of money on a credit card. Also he carries bags from supermarket, likes her home-cooked dinners, laughs at her jokes, remembers the most important dates – like her mom’s birthday, and able to express tenderness not less than one time per week. Such a nice domestic kind of a good man.

A girl of 42 wants just a man. That ordinary kind of man is not a movie star, he even has a belly instead of muscles- good if the shirt covers it all; sometimes a head lacking hair, but still isn’t too disgusting. He shaves by the weekends, is still “athletic” enough to do some housework, remembers where to laugh in the jokes, nods to show he’s listening, takes her out once a month, drives her to the supermarket and back, doesn’t set the car in motion until all women’s parts of body are in, and puts the water-closet pan’s seat down.

A girl of 52 wants… well she just lives with that man. It’s really nice if he remembers her name, shaves during weekends, sometimes gets a haircut, changes underwear and socks regularly, borrows money not too often, tries to behave himself in public. It’s great if he also finds the strength to leave the coach for some weekends, notices delicious dinner while watching TV, doesn’t always fall asleep while listening to a person. By this age a woman doesn’t expect much, in fact she asks for the very minimum.

A girl of 62 wants a man who won’t disturb her too often. She’s a lucky one, if he’s not too scary to make his own grandchildren cry, if he still remembers where the bathroom is, where his teeth are, what month it is, who this woman is, what he is laughing at, and etc. A woman will appreciate his ability to get up, dress properly without much help from her side. The top of all dreams is if it doesn’t cost a lot to keep that man, and if there are some places in the house, where his snore doesn’t reach.

A girl of 72… well, some “girls” do live that long, but what about men? Are you sure he’s still breathing? And he doesn’t leave puddles in the water-closet? Oh, that’s a real treasure for a tired girl of 72.

Source: www.peoplerelationships.syl.com


~ by Keith Ng on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “What a Girl Wants”

  1. hmm..sounds like some typical woman sterotype. i dont wish to live that long man..btw, average woman lifespan in sg is about 80. dunno live so long can do what? anyway, youth is precious, i hope women will take their youth to achieve their dreams and perhaps, not waste too much time in r/ship issues. now women are kinda able to rise up to corp ladder and let’s see how do modern women strive. =)

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