Don’t demand fairness in Life

Forget fair. Our world is not designed to be fair. If you demand it, and use that unanswered demand to excuse a lack of drive, you’ll be miserable. You have to survive- if you’re going to- in a world where there’ll always be people above you and people below you in every facet of life you can name.


Once in a while, we should stop and be thankful for what we don’t have. Some people out there are doing great despite heavier burdens than you yourself carry. And of course, there are also people out there with lighter burdens than you carry, and some of them have turned their lives into one long whine. Those are the saddest stories of all.


People are amazing. Whatever we focus on, it becomes our reality. Most of us are convinced that our problems are greater than anyone else’s. They aren’t. So quit asking for fairness and stop letting limitations depress you.


Take what you’ve got and get what you want with it. If that means not paying the price for success, be happy with unsuccess. You were born to be happy, but no one else can make you happy for long. Only you can do that. Being happy is a personal responsibility; it’s a duty you can’t delegate. The only way you can keep happiness is to accept that reality.


~ by Keith Ng on June 19, 2008.

One Response to “Don’t demand fairness in Life”

  1. You are a very experienced person and i understand that you are very strong minded thing which not everybody can achieve,as long we leave our duty it is to face the life but some time my friend it is really not understandably and harder and harder for me to explain why in 3 years all was going so wrong……

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