When The Eagle Can’t Soar

How do you feel when you see an eagle high up in the sky? That it was soaring majestically? That it was beyond your reach and untouchable? But did you know that there are times, when this eagle that you see can’t even fly and is almost immobilized? During bad times, this eagle gets exhausted and drained.

The fact is, it is not just the eagle that falls. We likewise, all have our good times and bad times. There are moments in life that make us, moments in life that break us. There are times which we felt we lost control over everything and that the future looks so bleak. When adversity and challenges set in, we fear to face them. I am sure all of us in one way or another would have felt something like this. This is exactly normal. However, we must learn to awaken the ‘eagle spirit’ in us. That is what that matters. When an eagle gets worn out, it will remain in solitude on a high cliff and renew its strength.

There are several lessons we can learn from the eagles. Unlike others birds that seek for shelter during approaching storms, eagles face the storm head on. Eagles gather among the clouds and fly high when the storm rolls in. Eagles do not run for cover during the high winds of the storm but would use it as a stepping stone to soar even higher. Just like the eagles, we must have the courage and strength to fight the storms in our lives. The strong winds may weaken us momentarily, but we must press on. Defy all odds. Define your odds.

It does not matter how severe the storm is. All is a matter of your perception and determination. In the bible, when Goliath came against the Israelites, the soldier all thought, “He’s so big that we can never kill him.” But David looked at the same giant and thought, “He’s so big that I can’t miss.” What happens outside of us are small matters compared to what happens within us. Similarly, eagles dare to take on mammals much larger than themselves and they will not lose sight of their prey till they are captured. They are absolutely determined to accomplish what they set out for.

Prepare yourself for what is to come after overcoming this challenge. Take the time to reflect what you have done well and not so right. This is your chance to move on to an even higher level. When you prepare yourself adequately, the opportunity would just present itself. Eagles, unlike other birds, do not simply just use their own strength and keep on flapping their wings to gain flight. Instead, the eagles will sit on a rock and read the wind. When the moment is perfect, the eagles soar upwards rapidly with ease by spreading the wings. The key thing is, only a combination of adequate preparation and opportunity will make things happen for you. No wind is favorable until you know which direction you want in your life. Overcoming adversity is not just about having courage to struggle among the strong winds where you are right now, but the courage to move out from your current situation to a higher level. It is only through this, that we would renew our strength and go on to greater heights.

Let us all soar like an eagle.

Article written by
Keith Ng


~ by Keith Ng on September 27, 2010.

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