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Over the years, I have helped many of my clients with sound financial advice to achieve their goals- be it to save up for children’s education, to buy new cars/houses or even retirement planning.  My aim is to help my customers understand their unique financial needs and to match them with the right products.

Having working experience with market leaders like Prudential and Great Eastern Life when I started off my career, it allowed me to acquire the deep product and industry knowledge to enable my clients to have a more holistic understanding of savings, protection, investments and insurance.

However, I was not satisfied by not being able to offer the best of everything. By being an independent wealth management advisor now, I am in a better position to bring greater value to my clients by being able to advise on products from the various banks, fund houses and insurance companies.

On the matter of qualifications, I attained several certifications from the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI) including CMFAS M8, M9, M5, M1B, M6, CHI, BCP, PGI. I also hold a Degree in Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) from the Singapore Management University (SMU), majoring in management and marketing and Cert-in-Ceha.

Apart from work, as the Grassroots Leader and Publicity Secretary of the Hougang Youth Executive Committee (YEC) , I help to organize events to enrich the lives of the residents. In particular, I enjoy summer camps where I could train and develop school children to make them richer emotionally, mentally, socially and intellectually. Also, being involved as the Marketing Manager for YMCA during my school days, it gave me the opportunity to make meaningful differences to other people’s lifes through social entrepreneurship.

During my free time, I enjoy competitive sports like fencing and floorball. Photography and interior design are my passion as well.

Ng Zhi Wei


6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hi,my name is Arran Pullen and I am a newly qualified life coach,from Engaland.I just stubbled on your atticle about goal setting and wanted to congratlate you! The best I have read anywhere.Thankyou for your interpretation it will enable me to deliver my coaching more clearly in the future.

  2. Hi mr Ng, i really enjoy reading your articles. gives me a very fresh perspective of things. update me whenever you have new articles!

    by the way do you also publish books? if yes please tell me what title and publsiher. you have my support !


  3. Hi,

    I’m a management Prof from Nanyang Technological University. I was directed to this site by my student who is doing a research on emotional control. I feel that you are someone who is really passionate about what you feel and what you do. It has been interesting reading your articles.

    I wish you all the best.

    Prof Lee Ming

  4. nice meet up with you
    open my percpective a lot.
    see you around bro

  5. hi. i would be using some of the articles you wroteto teach my students in class as i find them relevant. thanks to share.

  6. hi i am saifu. great things to come from you. respect alot

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