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8 Responses to “Join Me”

  1. Hey boss,

    thanks so much for your patience in guiding me thru this long journey. before i met you i was struggling jobs and paying bills. after you teach me better handle money and offer me job opporunity, now i no need worry about money and can buy things for chiidren. thank, thank so much.

    from huat eng

  2. dear bro, nasir here…

    I am aiming to earn $10,000-$20,000 a month like you by end of next year. I know this is not be easy but i know your experience and quick thinking can bring me. really glad to have come cross you.

  3. isnt that 2k a working day? you work 2 day earn more than uni grad who work 1 mth ?! lol. im looking for job after my grad.
    i just sent u an email. pls call me when you free. thanks.

  4. this is an incredible feat. totally respect

  5. really grreatful to you for grooming me these months. from earning 2-3k a month in prudential for the last 5 years, just 3 months from learning to you and now its 5 digit figure every month.

    remember the first day we met i was skeptical about all. but im so glad you took the time to give me the chance to understand more and ifinally moved on. thanks so much.

    lets fight hard continue.


  6. been some time we last chat bro.
    learn a lot from you that time.
    i heard u been doing really well and that now
    even a tycoon descendants now has you to advise for their whole familly financial planning. how did u do that ?! teach me !

  7. the most patient mentor i got.

  8. hey keith!

    top banker !! how have u been?

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