Dear viewers, 

Alright, I know I’m supposed to make this page professional as well and share with you guys what my clients speaks of me? Well, I’m not going to. It’s pointless. It is so simple for anyone to type reasonably credible responses and feedback from their “clients”. There is hardly any way for you guys to verify the testimonials, isn’t it so? And if there turns out to be a bad comment, do you guys think that it’ll ever be here? The best accurate way to know a Wealth Management Advisor is still to meet him in person.

As such, what I have in mind is to turn this page into an educational one. Allow me to share with you what other clients speaks of other advisors out there!

The comments below are used solely for educational purposes. The “real” names are replaced with different initials to protect their real (or fake) identity. This is done so as I have totally no intention of making fun of their testimonials by exposing them, but rather, what they can do to make themselves more credible, be it whether it was true for them in the first place to begin with.

So these are some of the comments I found on the web:

“I am someone who doesn’t trust others easily; but AB has earned my trust easily. She is very honest to me and I can never find someone as honest as her in my life. I trust that when AB recommends me a product, it is surely to my best interest. She didn’t be my financial consultant for money; she really want to help me. I didn’t believe someone like her could exist.” – Mr. K

(neither would most of us believe your existence, Mr.K)

“Although I’ve known CD for a relatively short period of time, I feel as if I’ve known her forever. I feel very lucky to have her as my advisor and I will never find anyone else anymore.” – Mr. L

(that could be a proposal for your future wife, Mr.L)

EF is a very dedicated, honest, sincere, reliable, resourceful, friendly, helpful and professional advisor. EF is my only advisor for more than five decades. EF has been my first, and will be my last advisor in my life. I will only buy products from EF. – Miss. M

(Yea 5 decades may deserve 8 traits. But… 50 years and Miss. M? So if EF is in his 60s, you started investing since ten?)

If you want to construct you own “testimonials”, do at least take the time and effort to structure them convincingly. And even if all the comments were totally true, it would only do you good to replace these high intense words like “never”, “always”, “only”, “very”, “last”, “forever”, “surely” to phrases like “she has been”, “it is unlikely that I will look for other..” , “it is pretty difficult to find someone like… who is X,Y,Z (anything more than 3 weakens everything)” Never tell someone more than what he or she can believe, even if it is true. Before you can even finish your real truth, you are already deemed as being dishonest. That’s the way we humans think. Like it or not.

Let me be more frank than I ever could. In sales or in life, it is only perceived honesty that matters. Even if end of the day, you truly have the best interest for your clients/children at heart, but you failed to come across to them as being honest/genuine, it doesn’t do justice to you and them. You sincerely want them to do A because you believed and knew that it would be the best for him; but because you failed to convince him, he refuses to do A and ends up doing B, which turns out to be bad for him.

Therefore, it is not enough just to be honest. You got to be honest and be perceived to be honest as well. In other words, “Perceived honesty combined with genuine care, is the best policy,” when dealing with people.

Have a great day,

Keith Ng

Wealth Management Advisor


3 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Hi Keith,

    Thank you for all the financial advise that you have given me over the years.

    You are both my best friend and advisor !
    Wish you all the best.


  2. A very dutiful and responsible adviser. Rather inconvenience himself and put clients first.

    lets catch up soon

  3. go catch coffee with you soon
    u pro la

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